Cerro Místico


 Cerro Místico– Lavalleja, Uruguay, 

Designed according to Hartmann’s energetic lines,  where the primary purpose is to maximize positive energy to  flourish in every corner of the Hotel, more so, in resting places. The self-sustainable Cerro Mistico is located at the hilly part of Lavalleja, Uruguay. Believe it or not, despite the inavailability of energy and water supplies in the area, the hotel was able to make its own by using windmills, solar panels and  water springs.

Cerro Mistico is surrounded by low native vegetation, and with the upper level of the hotel leveled to the top of the hill, it gives a picturesque view of the lushy greeneries covering the entire area. Verandas on the other hand, are used to accommodate meditation activities and dining experiences.

So, why not pack your things up into your Valextra Suitcase and book a trip now to Uruguay and experience tranquility at the Cerro Mistico Hotel? Don’t waste this chance.

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