Chole Mjini Lodge


Chole Mjini Lodge – Tanzania

“One of Africa’s most remarkable hotels. The acme of responsible tourism. Treehouses with Tarzan and Jane beds. Overgrown ruins. Pure Lost City jungle stuff,” Mark Ottaway of the Sunday Times proudly said.

Chole Mjini Lodge in Tanzania provides adventure like no other, it lies in the luscious bush, olden ruins, and mangrove forest. Its founders wanted to create a simple yet elegant and comfortable Lodge which guests from all parts of the world would treasure even when they left the place. Atop each beautiful tree house, a couple can surely enjoy privacy even without solid walls. No one can see into the houses from the ground and the absence of walls lets the Kaskazi wind pass through the houses during the warmer months. This, in turn, graciously gives cool nights almost all year round.

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Chole Mjini Lodge

Chole Mjini was never meant to be a hotel, and it isn’t. It is a castaway fantasy, a jungle island retreat appealing to a specific kind of person; one who appreciates a return to simple luxuries that reawaken the senses, rather than the predictable comforts of room service and airconditioning.  As such it produces a wide variety of responses – visit tripadvisor to find out more.

Anne and Jean (right, with their children, both of whom were raised on Chole) simply wanted to create the kind of place they would have been happy to discover. Click below for Jean’s amusing account on how it happened.