Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina


Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina

Act as if you are a castaway who landed on a secluded island, only that serendipity has let you in Eden itself.

The Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina lies in a pristine and almost untouched island off the coast of the stunning Madagascar. Rest you body as well as your mind and soul in this laid-back, bare-foot elegance resort. Its fine white sand stretches long and wide conjuring picturesque sunrise and sunset as it reflects majestically on sea and sky. Discover the island’s unique biodiversity with a guided nature walk or dive in and explore waters still largely unexplored.

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Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina:

Walk through unexplored tropical forests or dive in waters teeming with reefs that have never been dived before. A trip to Tsarabanjina is like a journey in the footsteps of Robinson Crusoe softened with a few extra comforts and the luxury of Constance Hotels & Resorts.

One of the islets of the exquisite Mitsio Archipelago in the north western part of Madagascar, Tsarabanjina is 40 miles from the island of Nosy Be. Sacred to locals its eastern beach peninsula is home to the tomb of the Sakalava kings of the Mitsio islands who are still honoured by locals today.