Eves Garden Organic Hotel


Eves Garden Organic Hotel

If you want a twist from your usual accommodation while traveling, the Eve’s Garden Organic Hotel is a must-try. It is an inviting oasis cozily ensconced in the Chihuahuan desert. Staying here is like being transported in a fantasy world you only see in movies. Eve’s Garden has a stunning courtyard, gardens, and fountain; not to mention their avante-garde rooms with designs that subtly resemble Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars motiffs which never fail to strike amazement in every guest.

Breakfast here is organically delicious. They alternately serve frittatas and fruit custard with french toast and bacon. More so, Eve’s Garden provided a place for coffee, tea, and beer keg which is open 24/7.

 In a pleasingly quaint hotel like Eve’s Garden, make sure that you will have a worry-free leisure time. Bring with you the Globe Trotter Original 21″ Trolley Case Navy. This trolley case features a top and side handle, two side turnlock closure, trolley handle, and two small wheels. Has silver-tone studs, black corners, and two inner straps.

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Eves Garden Organic Hotel 

Eve’s Garden is an innovative Organic Bed & Breakfast and Ecology Resource Center, located in the beautiful high mountain desert of West Texas, at the gateway to Big Bend National Park, in Marathon, Texas. Eve’s Garden’s large indoor organic gardens are filled year-round with blooming roses, bougainvillea, and countless flowers. Our private, quiet, thoughtfully hand-built guest rooms open to a central covered courtyard with a pond and tea room. Our wish is to provide a comfortable Bed and Breakfast environment and a conversational forum to address issues regarding the ecology we live in.

A large amount of recycled content, straw-bale buildings, paper adobe/fiber-cement buildings, high Mexican contemporary color treatments, and a focus on locally produced food, conspire to create an aura of thoughtfulness.

“Thoughtfulness” — this is our goal — to motivate you, our guests to pursue the projects you have in your minds, and recognize that you can make a difference.