Lanson Place

Lanson Place

Lanson Place Hong Kong, China

The freedom to immerse yourself in a foreign culture begins with a sense of comfort.  Find yours in the understated elegance and serenity of Lanson Place.

‘Comfortable’, ‘convenient’ and ‘settled’ are feelings people need in a home, and Lanson’s place is just the perfect refuge for your tired mind and exasperated body; after all, that’s what homes are all about, right? Adore the classical façade that evolves into a retro-modern design and a graceful, contemporary residence. Stroll around the city proper in your getaway Kenzo Tiger-print satin shoes and enjoy some of the many attractions that entice millions of visitors each year like the famous, the Peak. Splurge for a shopping galore at the Causeway Bay or visit any of the myriad of HongKong shopping malls and markets surrounding the city.

Lanson Place rooms

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